Clarity Clinical Counseling

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Assessments

What is an assessment?

Assessments are completed by gathering information from you using the bio-psycho-social approach. This approach aims to answer 'why this person?', 'why this problem?', 'why this time?". The formulation will include information regarding the predisposing, precipitating, perpetuating and protective factors that are relevant to the person's clinical presentation, the diagnosis (if any), the prognosis and current risks.

What if I don't need and a Substance Abuse Assessment?

The Mental Health and Substance Abuse assessment is combined into one tool and will help the clinician gain insight into what has motivated the client into seeking help.

What do I do with the information gained from the assessment?

Following the completion of the comprehensive mental health and substance abuse assessment, a treatment plan is developed. A standard treatment plan includes recommended actions to reduce and/or manage risk, recommendations regarding the need for follow up assessment/treatment and an outline of treatment objectives.

Do I have to have an assessment to receive family, couples, or individual therapy?

No, it is not a requirement.

I have a legal case and my attorney suggested I get an assessment.  What can I take to my attorney to show I completed the assessment?

I will complete a letter and/or report for your attorney outlining your assessment and recommendations.